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INHIBEO Water Solution & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Reliable Environmental Monitoring Service, Tube Settler System, Surface Aerators, Sewage Treatment Plant, etc., offered at reasonable prices.

Since more than ten years, we, INHIBEO Water Solution & Technologies Pvt. Ltd., have been active in the field of water and waste water management. We have a track record of providing customers optimally designed systems as a technology leader from India. Our innovative solutions designed keeping client needs in mind ranges from Multi Effect Evaporators, Dual Media Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Rapid Mixer Granulator to Effluent Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant. Our central drive being to extend our expertise to interested clients, we also offer our technological advantage through a range of tailor designed services.
A Performance of 99%
Resin based
Membrane Separation Systems
Resin Based Systems
Maximum Purity Water
Wastewater Treatment
We Are a Team of Professionals, Having 20 Years of Experience

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We have managed being a forerunner in our sector because we are headed by an expert.

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We please clients from various sectors with reliably designed products and tailor-made services.

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We, INHIBEO Water Solution & Technologies Pvt. Ltd., have managed selling a market leading product range and render

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