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Reliable Environmental Monitoring Service, Tube Settler System, Surface Aerators, Sewage Treatment Plant, etc., offered at reasonable prices.

About Our Company

Since more than ten years, we, INHIBEO Water Solution & Technologies Pvt. Ltd., have been active in the field of water and waste water management. We have a track record of providing customers optimally designed systems as a technology leader from India. Our innovative solutions designed keeping client needs in mind ranges from Multi Effect Evaporators, Dual Media Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Rapid Mixer Granulator to Effluent Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant. Our central drive being to extend our expertise to interested clients, we also offer our technological advantage through a range of tailor designed services. For instance, we offer Environmental Monitoring Service and Environmental Engineering Consultants Services at extremely competitive prices.

As a manufacturer, supplier and service provider, we are led by service quality, product reliability and innovation in business. We aim for healthy growth along with our clients, which is why we leave nothing to chance or rely simply on luck. We work hard, examine and optimize manufacturing processes as per prescribed standards and measure our environmental performance, time to time. Combination of all these factors helps us deliver excellence across a whole range of projects, including domestic, industrial and Govt. Projects. 

Besides working with diligence, we also follow a meticulously planned step-by-step work process so that we can get a broad overview of the project and analyze the following points:

  • Nature of the problem
  • Scope of improvement
  • How to deliver excellence in processes and solutions.
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Our Mentor

We have managed being a forerunner in our sector because we are headed by an expert. Mr. Pradeep Chandanan (Director) understands the complexities involved in our business and works hard to deliver nothing short of innovative solutions to clients. His business expertise and strategies revolving around optimizing designed solutions are factors helping us come up with quality Multi Effect Evaporators, Rapid Mixer Granulator, Dual Media Filter, Effluent Treatment Plant, etc. He believes in managing the company through an open-door policy. He also believes in the power of connecting with employees and invests his time and efforts in team meetings, employee training sessions, etc.

Client Satisfaction

We please clients from various sectors with reliably designed products and tailor-made services. Our effective solutions that also includes water treatment units in different models feature hassle-free installation, easy operation and remain impervious to unforeseen damages that can be caused by electricity and water. Only highly ductile metal is used for constructing the range, which also extends the product service life. We also recruit some of the best experts for taking care of areas like supply, installation support and commissioning of Environmental Monitoring Service, Environmental Engineering Consultants Services, etc. All these factors invariably contribute to our getting eminence as a long-term business partner that can be trusted .

Why Us?

We, INHIBEO Water Solution & Technologies Pvt. Ltd., have managed selling a market leading product range and render truly professional Environmental Engineering Consultants Services and Environmental Monitoring Service because of the following factors:

  • Right Technology: We have the right technology to manufacture products that assure peak performance at all times. We know that clients look for products that are built to perfection using the most advanced manufacturing technology. This is why we manage technological resources and skillfully utilize them to optimize reliability and efficiency of designed systems and products.
  • End To End Solutions: We handle full commissioning of our designed equipment and supplied systems. We appoint expert engineers and designers who know how to collaborate well so that we can propose the best solutions to clients and render them every kind of support, as expected from a highly specialized company like ours. 
  • Low Pricing: We also provide solutions at the best rates, i.e., our prices, be it of products or services, are quite competitive in the market. 
  • User Friendly Solutions: Additionally, any equipment procured from us can be operated with confidence as all our models are extremely user friendly.

What We Deliver?

We deliver Treatment Systems that work to reduce the organic matter content and greatly improve various organoleptic characteristics. Even in the field of Waste Water Management and Industrial Effluent Management, we exhibit competency by building solutions that enhance the treatment processes and aid in easy and efficient industrial effluent recovery. Besides these, we also empower clients approaching us with many benefits such as:

  • We can help in liaising with Pollution Control Board
  • We can provide end to end Environmental Solutions
  • We can provide retrofitting and revamping of Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities backed with proper performance guarantee
  • We can deliver the best results in engineering, installation and supervision of Residential/Commercial/Municipal/Industrial Liquid Waste Management Facilities, etc. 

Application Areas

In all these years, we have provided complete solutions to many clients across major application areas. Our solutions have delivered reliable outcomes to many clients in the following fields:

  • Chemical Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Pharmacy Industries
  • Electroplating Industries
  • Tannery Industries
  • Edible Oil Refineries
  • Distilleries
  • Paper Industries
  • Dyes and Dye Intermediaries, etc.

Our Clients

We have the expertise to erect plants at even small towns, isolated areas, remote locations, etc. Today, many clients from diverse business fields and locations confidently trust us as we also offer Multi Effect Evaporators, Dual Media Filter, Rapid Mixer Granulator, Environmental Monitoring Service, etc., backed with service standards that are unsurpassable. Keeping client welfare at our heart, we have served many renowned names so far who have approached us to benefit from our innovative technology solutions. A few of our major clients are:

  • L&T
  • Bridgestone
  • DLF Garden City
  • Motherson Sumi
  • Sanghvi Foods
  • JK File (Raymond Group)
  • Man Industry
  • Kriti Industry
  • SPM Auto
  • Hotel Regenta
  • Hotel Papaya Tree
  • Go Green Textiles
  • Greater Kailash Hospital
  • Badve Engineering
  • Kalpataru Infrastructure
  • Great Galleon Distillery
  • Shree Dhree Milk, and many more.